Change of Pace

Hello world!

My name is Annita Swallow, well… no not really but I didn’t feel like sharing my real name so I will just go with this for now. Besides who cares what my real name is this blog is intended for my personal entertainment and if people happen to read it I just hope they are not too bored.

So I created this blog about a year ago to post my random poetry, yet as it turned out I don’t write poetry all that much and haven’t made all that many posts. So I decided to try to use this for a different purpose because as a college student I could not avoid the freshmen 15, which quickly turned into sophomore 30, and then junior 40. Since coming to college I gained at least 40 pounds because I stopped exercising, started eating huge potions, started eating at night because of the never ending all-nighters, and spend most of my time during the day working at a desk or my bed. While I could tell that my lifestyle has become a huge problem it was really hard to get myself back on track after spending 3 years in a couch potato routine. This past spring of 2016 I met my current boyfriend who is probably the most ripped, athletic, and gorgeous man I’ve ever seen and somehow he fell in love with me even though I weigh 170 pounds, my legs and butt are covered in cellulite, and there is nothing even remotely athletic looking about me. Of course at first I didn’t think he and I would stay together for too long because I figured he would find some attractive girl and move on. But by some miracle he loves me for who I am and since he wants to be a personal trainer I asked him to help me with my weight problem. As you would imagine going from doing absolutely nothing to running  and strength training every other day is a huge change that is not easy to keep up with, so within first couple of months it was a struggle trying to fit in time for work outs. As expected I would work hard about a week or two but when school work got piled up I would drop everything and spend hours just doing homework and once again not doing any physical activities. I spent April and May with these alterations and by the end of May realized that the only thing I was able to accomplish is to keep my weight from going up. Now that it’s summer time and I only have my internship to worry about I decided to start making changes small steps at a time. For the past two months I have been tracking my steps on my phone to make sure I walk 10,000-13,000 steps a day and count my calories to make sure they I stay between 1,200-1,500 calories a day. One of my problems of gaining weight was that my physical activity level was minimal so I decided to start by adding something as simple as walking to my daily routine and while I feel great I still have not seen any results on the scale. My assumption is that my metabolic rate is extremely low because of my previous lifestyle and in order to try and boost it up I started drinking healthy homemade shakes with fruits and veggies for breakfast with caffeinated herbal tea. I keep on trying to find new ways to boost my metabolism but not all methods stick with my routine. Last week I added a new component to my lifestyle and I hope it sticks this time. I have been scheduling times during my day to go to the gym and last week I was able to do my work outs for half of the week so I hope this week I will be able to go at least 1 more day than last week. With all of this being said, the goal of this blog is to make posts about my progress in order to track what I do and if I see any results.


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