Cheers to Letting Go

There are days when I still think of you.

You might have hurt me,

But I’ve hurt you too.

We couldn’t save what we had,

So I hope you will find someone new.

There are days when I hate you.

I think of all the lies you told me,

I think of the girls you have held,

And I think of the night you left me.

But there are no more tears for me to shed.

There are days when I just miss you.

I remember our laughs,

I remember your mischievous smile,

I remember your embrace.

Memories is all that we have left.

When I needed strength,

You were the power that held me together.

When I needed warmth,

You were the blanket that covered me.

And when I needed love,

Your arms were there to hold me.

Therefore, today I forgive you,

And I hope one day you will forgive me too.

We both made mistakes,

But it’s all behind us now,

So cheers to letting go.




A Letter I Wrote To Myself About Getting Fat

Put On Your Happy Face

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Shall we talk about your body?

Your body, which used to be thinner. Which you took for granted, because it fitted into cheap, tight dresses. Your body, which took you up and down Brixton Hill, every day, twice a day, never unheralded by catcalls, the stream of men and their “Oh baby hey baby nice tits nice ass hey WHERE YOU GOING?”

Your body was a girl’s body, made from dancing and late nights and skipped dinners, of hopefulness and sleeplessness and sadness. It took care of itself, or rather, you didn’t care that it couldn’t. It wasn’t for you, and so you didn’t mind that you couldn’t always afford to feed and nurture it. The admiration of others was nourishment enough. You often went to bed feeling empty. You thought it was heartbreak. It was probably hunger.

Then your body became plump with love.

Late dinners and later breakfasts…

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Mind is a quiet place when you’re alone.

No one can disturb you, no one can get in.

Mind is a paradise when you’re in love.

Your heart is filled with a beautiful feeling.

Mind is a gloomy place when your heart breaks.

Tears become like sharp daggers and tear at your soul.

Mind is a hollow place when you no longer belong.

Gap of loneliness becomes your home.

Mind is never a constant place.

As long as there’s a beating heart in your chest.


Quiet baby stories

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“Are you telling me a story?” I whisper, watching Oliver’s tiny mouth open into a perfect O after he utters a string of sounds, his own little “words.”

Everyone said we would learn his language, his father and me; that, in time, we would begin to know what the whimpers and grunts and dolphin-like calls all mean. For nervous parents-to-be, this seemed impossible. “He won’t speak English,” I remember joking with Spencer. And we won’t know the Language of Oliver.

Despite assurances from seasoned parents, I pictured myself as this sleep-deprived, wild-haired monster pacing the halls with a howling infant in her arms. In these anxious daydreams, it was always dark, maybe even raining, and I was always exhausted. I imagined being frustrated, so frustrated, that I’m singing every lullaby-esque song I can think of . . . nonsense words to old tunes that rise up out of nowhere…

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I saw a black mustang in my back yard.

He came out of the dark forest.

This mare is like no other.

He is like a mysterious fleeting memory,.

That is black as a starless night sky.

His eyes are like the light in a dark tunnel.

He is fast as a lightning.

When I ride him I feel like I can fly,

I feel free and alive.

But when the sun comes up,

He vanishes with the night.

I call him Thunder.

Because his presence is like a thunder storm

That keeps you up all night.

-SThe Night


When I was going through old boxes, in search for old memories

All of the sudden a stuffed bunny fell out.

When I picked him up I could feel chills going up my spine.

And I knew right then that I found the memory I looked for.

I close my eyes and see a happy little four-year old girl.

This girl looks up at her daddy with shiny eyes.

He presents her with a birthday present she waited for.

She takes the box and opens it with curios look on her face.

She sees a pink bunny with a beautiful pink ribbon and smiles.

At that moment she found a friend, not just a normal friend.

But a best friend and companion she will take everywhere she goes.